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The final number of students who took part in the 2017 survey is 35,850. This represents an increase of over 6600 from 2016 and means that almost 122,000 students have participated in the ISSE since the original version was piloted nationally in 2013.

ISSE is delighted to see that students continue to take part in the 2017 survey. More than 29000 first years, final years and taught postgraduate students have taken part so far in 2017. Twelve institutions’ fieldwork has finished, ten more finish within the next week and students from five further institutions¬†have¬†from one to three weeks

The National Forum for Teaching and Learning, in partnership with ISSE,¬†facilitated a series of workshops to highlight how ISSE data can be used to enhance teaching and learning for the following different disciplines (each file contains combined results from three years’ data, i.e. almost 60,000 respondents nationally): Science, Maths, Computing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Social

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