The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete online. [Note that an updated, improved and much shorter survey is used from 2016]. There are a series of questions, most with ‘tick box’- style responses. The survey is available to students electronically during fieldwork and is designed to work effectively on a range of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Fieldwork for the survey takes place each year during February and March. A specific three-week period is chosen by each participating institution. The list of participating institutions (and dates, if appropriate) is available here.

Institutions’ own data will be provided to each institution after all national fieldwork has concluded (end April / early May). A series of workshops will be arranged in May – June to review implementation of the revised survey and to support analysis of institution-level data. A detailed report of national results is published each year in November. An additional follow up report, outlining how institutions are engaging with the survey data, was also published in January 2015.