Communication / promotion resources

A comprehensive set of communication / promotion resources has been developed to support implementation of the survey. A pack of hardcopy and softcopy materials is provided to participating institutions each year in advance of fieldwork. The materials include:

Examples of action

A report, “Effective feedback and uses of ISSE data: an emerging picture“, provides examples of practice from Irish institutions.

Exploring the data for different disciplines / fields of study

In partnership with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, a series of workshops was initiated to explore student responses from the perspective of different broad disciplines. Details of the 2015 workshops, “How ISSE can enhance teaching and learning”, can be found here. In 2016, discipline-specific data from three years’ collated fieldwork were explored with participants. The collation of data from multiple years’ fieldwork enabled larger datasets for all fields of study. Data files are available here and on the National Forum website.

Similar discipline-based workshops will take place in 2017.

Video materials

Promotional videos were developed in 2016

A series of short videos are available to explain different aspects of the survey.

Some perspectives of academic staff (from various disciplines and institutions) are available on this website at Uses of ISSE data

Participating institutions have also developed local videos