Results from participating institutions in 2017

The ISSE reflects many aspects of students’ experiences in higher education. It is designed to focus on student engagement, namely the amount of time and effort that students put into meaningful and purposeful educational activities, and the extent to which institutions provide such opportunities and encourage students to engage with them. The data collected reflects students’ self-reported perceptions of their experiences and this data set is one of many sources of evidence available to institutions to inform their enhancement activities.

Development and implementation of the Irish Survey of Student Engagement is driven by the intention to inform, support and encourage quality enhancement. Analysis shows that, in common with similar engagement surveys internationally, much greater variation exists within institutions than between institutions. Nevertheless, the following links provide detail on the overall responses of students in each institution to the 2017 survey. The ISSE national steering group regards the comprehensive nature of data gathered as a key strength. Interpretation of detailed results requires appreciation of the local context. This means that staff and students within individual institutions are best placed to own and to interrogate institution-level data. Accordingly, any queries about these data should be directed to the individual institution in question.