This part of the website begins to address the needs to participating institutions in relation to analysis by providing resources such as:

  • Tools to support analysis
  • Short guides to carrying out analysis of the data and dissemination of the results
  • Instructional videos
  • Cases of good practice in the participating institutions

The creation of these resources is a work in progress. More resources will be created and published here as the months go on. If you know of any existing resources which you believe would be helpful for staff and Students Unions in analysing the data, or have identified a gap in your capacity to do the analysis which you believe the Project Manager function could fill, please contact logo
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Overview of the Report File

A key consideration for institutions that participate in is that students will respond to the survey when it is clear to them that their higher education institution as a whole and the staff they encounter on a regular basis value the resulting data and do something/ intend to do something with it. Communication of analysis undertaken, results considered, and actions taken are essential for the continued participation in and support for the survey by students.

Seven years of experience with has led to massive strides in how higher education institutions analyse the data and incorporate it into other institutional data and research. 

Higher education institutions in Ireland, regardless of their size, are centres of expertise in research and data analysis. Institutions are encouraged to channel this expertise towards interrogation of the and PGR data where possible and feasible, and to involve the whole community in closing the feedback loop.

The central and PGR function, including the Project Manager and the Steering Group, are intent on providing institutions with additional and innovative tools to support them in their analysis.