Student Ambassador Digital Badge
LYIT values the work of our students in promoting and has developed the LYIT Student Ambassador Digital badge in partnership with LYIT students to recognise and reward the outstanding contribution made through student engagement.

Promotion days
Promotional popup days supported by the Student Union, are held throughout the weeks the survey is running.   Students are helped to complete the survey using iPad’s and merchandise is given to the students as incentives to complete the survey during the promotion day. 

Incentives/ Prizes
Each year prizes are provided to students who fill out the survey.  The prizes change yearly which include iPads/gift vouchers/festival tickets etc.

Digital Campaign
Online platforms are available for accessing & promoting the surveys. These include blackboard, Facebook and the LYIT website. Hardship fund
LYIT donates €1 towards the student hardship fund for every survey completed, which directly benefit students.

On-line student survey committee:
A working group was set up which includes both staff & students to promote and support Champions:
Academic staff within the Institute promote the survey among their students.  Champions are selected within each department to encourage students to complete the surveys.