UL have tried and adjusted a number of approaches to StudentSurvey.ie operations since inception of the survey. Below are three examples of what UL have found to be most effective to date.

Firstly, a really constructive and collaborative design has been the themed management of the survey between the institution and UL Student Life, and specific support from faculties. The first week of the designated weeks is introduced and activated by the institution, the second week is driven by Student Life, and the third week is a combination, with a significant focus on faculty involvement.

Secondly, at institutional level, UL designate ‘StudentSurvey.ie-time’ across the university to allocate time to students in class to complete the survey. At the designated StudentSurvey.ie-time, classes finish ten minutes before the hour and the next set of classes start at ten past the hour to facilitate completion of the survey and movement to the next class.

Thirdly, UL Student Life run a campaign week during the middle week of the three-week survey timeline. There is a physical space in the Student Life building set-up and dedicated to completion of the survey. Students encourage student completion of the survey and run this space over this week and the majority of the merchandise is distributed through this space in this week.

In relation to incentives, UL have tried a number of approaches over the years and the one which is now proving popular amongst students and quite effective, came from Student Life two years ago. Their suggestion was to offer a large number of small denominations (€50) One4All vouchers. Each week students are randomly selected as winners of this vouchers and asked to attend a short presentation. Presentations are made by management and/ or Student Life officers and photos are used for promotion of the survey for the following week.