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WIT is the major provider of higher education in the South East region of Ireland and one of the largest IOT's in Ireland. The Institute's range and scope reflect the changing needs of the southeast as well as the country as a whole. The range of academic programmes is exceptionally extensive, ranging from Higher Certificate right through to post-doctoral research and covering the Humanities, Health and Nursing, Science and Informatics, Engineering and Architecture, Business and Education.

Survey Dates

Survey Live: 28 February - 20 March 2022

Each participating institution selects a specific three-week period during February and March to open the survey for their students. This allows the national survey to take account of local events and other demands on students’ time in order to increase the benefit of the survey at local level – “national survey, local impact“.

Meet the Survey Team

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Dr Paul O'Leary

Head of Quality Promotion

Paul O'Leary is Head of Quality Promotion in WIT and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: poleary@wit.ie

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Aoife Molloy

SU Vice President/Education Officer

Aoife Molloy is SU Vice President/Education Officer in WIT and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: sueducation@witsu.ie


of respondents requested increased Blended Learning in the free-text comments 


Respondents also requested increased more group work and Peer-to-peer work in the free-text comments 

Most impactful use of the survey data for WIT

StudentSurvey.ie has helped inform change in WIT. Since the first StudentSurvey.ie survey, WIT has made a number of targeted improvements, including the introduction of Peer-to-Peer mentoring awards to assist First Year students struggling with the transition, provides additional support to students with the computing and maths content of their courses through the Computing & Maths Learning Centre and overhauling the first year induction programme, in order to facilitate transition, engagement and teaching & learning. 


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