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University College Cork (UCC) was founded in 1845 and combines a rich tradition of teaching, research and scholarship. The university offers more than 120 degree and professional programmes in four Colleges: Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences; Business & Law; Medicine & Health; and, Science, Engineering & Food Science. 

With a large global network of contacts UCC’s students benefit from links to institutions and businesses around the world. Students can gain from Cork’s status at the forefront of Ireland’s knowledge economy, thanks to UCC’s excellence in research and development, and as home to many global names: Amazon, Apple, Boston-Scientific, EMC2, Pfizer and Siemens.

Survey Dates

Survey Live: 7 February - 27 February 2023

Each participating institution selects a specific three-week period during February and March to open the survey for their students. This allows the national survey to take account of local events and other demands on students’ time in order to increase the benefit of the survey at local level – “national survey, local impact“.

Meet the Survey Team

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Deirdre Kearney

Surveys Project Manager

Deirdre Kearney is the Surveys Project Manager for UCC and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: d.kearney@ucc.ie

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Stephen O'Riordan

SU Education Officer

Stephen O'Riordan is the SU Education Officer for UCC and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: education@uccsu.ie

In 2020, the overwhelming majority of respondents, rated the quality of their entire educational experience at UCC positively.

54% of respondents stated that they felt that the institution emphasised providing support to help them to succeed academically and provide encouragement to be an informed and active citizen.

A large proportion of respondents agreed that good interactions offers enhanced opportunities for learning and enhanced awareness of student’s needs.

At UCC the views of students are central to improving teaching, research and student services and to the quality review process.  Student surveys are an important tool for students to provide feedback on university experiences, educational quality, institutional effectiveness and student satisfaction, and play an important role in the involvement of students in university management and governance at UCC. 

In order to facilitate discussions, a preliminary analysis of indicator scores is carried out at an institutional level in early summer, in consultation with our University Student Surveys Board. In an effort to communicate the StudentSurvey.ie data, we have engaged in the following activities throughout the academic year;

  • In autumn, the results are compiled into an annual university level report and circulated more widely internally.   The results report serves as a guide for continued enhancement of teaching and learning and also student engagement;
  • The results are presented at our University’s Academic Council and summary reports utilising the disaggregated college data are circulated to each college to open discussion and explore uses of the data within the local context;
  • Feedback is shared with colleagues across all support areas i.e. UCC’s IT Services, UCC’s Societies, UCC Library colleagues, etc. so that the data can be used to improve and enhance facilities, supports, and the learning environment for all students. 

In interpreting the data that is provided by StudentSurvey.ie, higher education institutions are encouraged to work collaboratively with students, ensuring that students are involved in translating the data that they have generated in the first instance.  It is recognised that students have a major contribution to make in the design of curricula, and in reviewing and providing feedback on their experience of college. Through our University Student Surveys Board, we work in partnership with student representatives to close the feedback loop through;

StudentSurvey 2022 in UCC
StudentSurvey.ie in UCC 2
  • Visible reporting on the findings of the previous years’ surveys;
  • Coupled with ensuring strategies for optimizing uses of the data is included on agendas of appropriate meetings, specific briefings and internal publications;
  • Development of infographics to display key facts and findings;
  • Promotion of reports, key messages and building awareness across popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

You Said and We are Doing Together 2021

You said that you would like for lectures to become more interactive and utilise the technology available

A combination of pre-recorded lecture/workshop content using lecture capture software broken up into multiple smaller segments with Live Q&A discussions and individual/group activities, coupled with zoom recordings, google classroom and audio recordings are just some of the formats being utilised this year.

You said that you would like more targeted feedback putting an emphasis on the ways in which you could improve.

Feedback approaches across Schools and Departments was highlighted as varying substantially, with some detailed and enthusiastic and others less engaged.  Developing a better and clearer feedback system in conjunction with examination feedback sessions will be encouraged.

UCC and MTU students and staff

You said that the ability to rewatch lectures was really helpful, particularly around examination time.

More rooms are equipped with lecture capture capabilities ensuring lectures can be recorded and made available on Canvas.

You said that you would like additional supports around digital literacy skills

UCC’s newly launched Digital Master Plan aims to develop world class digital education services, to support staff and student needs for flexibility and accessibility, including further developments on Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Panopto, and classroom technology.

Additionally, our weekly Student IT Services Tips and Tricks is a new initiative to help students navigate common IT issues and keep up to date with new technologies.  To help bridge the digital divide, our laptop loan scheme is now accepting applications for 2021/22.


You asked for a place of relaxation and calm

Having a space for our students to go that they know would be calm and predictable environment was a high priority. 

The Calm Zone or An Ceantar Ciúin is located in the Old College Bar building and is a space designed to be a place of respite and calm for students, and in particular students on the autism spectrum.  The areas included a Reception & Open Plan Area, Workshop Space, Sensory Rooms 1 & 2 and Respite Rooms & Eating Spaces. 

Things that we learned from your feedback 2020

UCC Campus 1

You said you would like fewer written examinations and more emphasis on continuous assessment

We have greatly increased the diversity of our assessments this year with the introduction of online quiz style and laboratory simulation style assessments via our virtual learning environment Canvas.  The establishment of the Exams Business Continuity group will provide oversight and a forum for resolution of any exam related activities.

You said that you wanted more contact with employers and opportunities for work placement

Our work placement managers provide invaluable support to placement students (remote and on-site).  The team is currently engaged in an employer recruitment campaign for the forthcoming academic year and has also developed a suite of online workshops to support student employability development pre-placement.

StudentSurvey.ie in UCC 2

You asked for enhanced supports to look after your health and wellbeing, both mental and physical during a challenging time. 

We know that COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and has had a big impact on your wellbeing.  As we move forward, the UCC Keep Well website was developed as a resource to enable you to look after your health and wellbeing. 

Some key enhancements include the establishment of SilverCloud (a series of modules designed to help you improve and maintain your wellbeing by addressing underlying issues that can have a negative impact on how you would like to live your life), the Everyday Matters series which explores some practical everyday things that you can say and do to support yourself and the Live wellness events. 


You said that you love the library as it plays a fundamental role in enhancing your learning experience. 

We were so pleased that our Boole Library remained open during lockdown.  We work together with staff and our Student Union to provide services and supports necessary for students to study in a safe environment. 

Now the Boole Library opens each day from 7am – 2am providing a stable online connection and warm place to study.  Book a seat https://libguides.ucc.ie/seat_booking

StudentSurvey.ie in UCC 3

You asked for the addition of more group/collaboration spaces.

The Global Lounge in the Hub building is an informal learning space with flexible comfortable café-style seating layout in an open area. It is a creative learning and study space for group and individual work.  Also, the Maker Space on the ground floor provides a unique space for people to relax & work together in a dynamic environment.  You can also check the new UCC occupancy dashboard here at any time to make sure a space is available!

Things that we learned from your feedback 2019

You've told us that you really like attending tutorials, with 76% reporting that they were 'very confident' or 'confident'.

Respondents liked when their tutorials were in a structured environment where they can discuss emerging issues, solve problems and to learn new strategies and techniques from instructors and peers. Overall, this tells us that the students are satisfied with the assistance that they receive.

You've told us that you very pleased with the teaching and non-teaching facilities available to you on campus.

Respondents expressed satisfaction with a variety of academic and general facilities and services, such as library and athletic facilities, academic advising and university residences, as well as specific IT services provided by the institution.

You rated your campus experience within the institution as very good

In particular, student support services are seen as a positive investment, which is significant given the sector focus on student wellbeing support.

StudentSurvey.ie in UCC 4
UCC Campus 8

You rated our Academic teaching staff highly

They were described as being knowledgeable, enthusiastic and their expertise within their field of study was apparent. Respondents agreed that staff were in general, easy to reach when needed and provided them with information and tools to encourage learning.

Things that we learned from your feedback 2018

You said detailed feedback, including exam feedback, helps you make progress academically.

As part of the Connected Curriculum, assessment practices will be aligned with learning outcomes.

High quality academic support and online resources are important to you, particularly when making study choices

Together with our very well received tutorial sessions run across all disciplines, a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be implemented in the coming months, just in time for the next Academic Year.

UCC Campus 6

You said that you would like us to offer more online learning opportunities.

UCC is committed to ensure flexibility in the delivery of our programmes, to strengthen the provision of online programmes and enhance access to lifelong learning and greater CPD opportunities.

You said you would like us to focus more on ‘personal development’ and 'employability' and the ways in which a UCC degree allows you to apply what you have learnt in a real world context.

The newly launched UCC Academic Strategy is committed to supporting the development of graduate attributes which are considered important and seen as vital to employers as you embark on your career.

StudentSurvey.ie in UCC 7

You would like UCC to provide an even friendlier and sociable environment community of students and staff.

A place where learning is social; the hub building will provide “rich opportunities for formal and informal learning creating a 21st century university experience and engaging students and staff in a unique educational and student experience”  Coupled with our investment in a new digital hub, our students will be able to access and engage with our services anytime, anywhere.

You’ve told us that support and access to wellbeing training throughout your time at university really matters.

This year we have increased the range of mental health services available and developed initiatives to increase resilience and reduce feelings of isolation. The Student first responder and bystander intervention programmes have been successfully rolled out to the local community.  This adds to the wide range of support services there for you when you need them.

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