The National Report 2021 presents the results of 2021 fieldwork.

The report contains a "Looking Deeper" chapter. This chapter seeks to create a strong evidence base for that belief and to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on first year undergraduate students. It focuses on two key cohorts:

  • 2021: This consists of first year undergraduate respondents in the 2021 survey.
  • Baseline: First year undergraduate respondents over the previous three fieldwork years the survey was conducted (2018, 2019, 2020) in order to create a baseline for comparison with the results for 2021. In total, there are 59,984 first year undergraduate responses to the survey over these years, which represents a significant evidence base.

There is also a dashboard to accompany the data analysed for the National Report 2021 - Chapter 4 Looking Deeper. As such, it contains results for first year undergraduate students only, at a national level. You can view and interact with this dashboard HERE

You may use the PDF reader below to read the report in full, or alternatively you may download the full report by selecting "Download Report" at the bottom of the page.