About TU Dublin

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) is one of the largest Universities in the country with over 29,000 students, with facilities across Dublin, including Grangegorman, Tallaght and Blanchardstown. We are investing over €500 million in new, state-of-the-art, technology-enabled facilities through our major infrastructural development plan to enhance our student learning experience.

TU Dublin is a leader in STEM disciplines and supports the largest cohorts of students of business, media, culinary arts, and the creative and performing arts. We are passionate about life-long learning and, as the largest provider of part-time education, we make an important contribution to the economic life of Ireland, enabling capacity building for the future.

With an international outlook, we welcome students and staff from around the world, while our strong international partnerships provide opportunities for student and staff exchange programmes, major cross-collaboration research projects, and employment opportunities. We are immensely proud of our network of 100,000+ TU Dublin graduates who are making their careers here in Ireland and in 70 countries worldwide.

Joining the ranks of exceptional technological universities around the world, TU Dublin is planning an exciting future... Infinite Possibilities.

Survey Dates

Survey Live: 14 February – 6 March 2023

Each participating institution selects a specific three-week period during February and March to open the survey for their students. This allows the national survey to take account of local events and other demands on students’ time in order to increase the benefit of the survey at local level – “national survey, local impact“.

Meet the Survey Team

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Mark Russell

Institutional Research Officer

Mark Russell is the Institutional Research Officer for TU Dublin and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: Mark.russell@tudublin.ie

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Dave Kilmartin

Senior Manager for Student Success

Dave Kilmartin is the Senior Manager for Student Success for TU Dublin and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: dave.kilmartin@tudublin.ie 

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Saoirse Daly

SU Vice President for Education on City Campus

Saoirse Daly is the SU Vice President for Education in TU Dublin City Campus and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: education.cc@tudublinsu.ie


StudentSurvey.ie in TU Dublin
StudentSurvey.ie in TU Dublin
StudentSurvey.ie on campus in TU Dublin
StudentSurvey.ie on campus in TU Dublin
StudentSurvey.ie open to students in TU Dublin
StudentSurvey.ie open to students in TU Dublin

Most impactful use of the survey data for TU Dublin

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35% participation rate over 5000 Students having their Say!

Highlight’s from the TUDublin Survey

Our Students love the Collaborative learning and Teamwork Style of our University!  They like the practical industry informed teaching and labs, and the real world experience of our lecturing Staff. What they would like us to do better! More Interactive Classes, More industry visits and connections, and more continuous assessment…


How do we Get that 35%?

Firstly - Partnership and Communication: Informing Students what the survey is and working with the Student Union to raise awareness of the survey and its value

Since 2013 TUDublin and The Student Union have worked closely to increase the awareness and understanding of the survey. Sharing the Information is key; in the last number of years we have produced Infographics which summarise the information that matters most to Students. This is circulated through the university E-zine. It’s presented in topics that really matter to Students, Feedback, Facilities, Wellbeing and Belonging. We not only indicate how the university is doing, we tell students what we are doing to make thing better!


Secondly - Teamwork and Time, Simple, clear information delivered by the whole University ‘What’s it all about! Who, What and When and What next

The whole University has to get on Board. We produce a clear plan, dates and details and circulate, to all Staff from IS and Public Affairs to Lecturers on the ground. Clear simple messaging, When, How and who? The power of the Lecturer has been critical to our success, along with our Class reps, a strong communal voice asking students to take part. A clear Communications Strategy has really helped achieving our targets. If you would like more information please contact one of our Comms Team!


Thirdly - Data is only useful if it’s used, sounds simple but it’s true

Using the data, and acting on it! If Students are providing feedback the University needs to Listen and Act. And Students need to Know and see real change… At the university we Provide Student and Staff Infographics and Ezine’s. But we also carry out focus groups and feed the Data to our committees, so decisions can be taken based on Student feedback If you would like more information on Actions taken on our campuses please contact our Comms team on Site!

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