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Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) is Ireland’s first cross-regional university and home to 14,000 students and a staff complement of approximately 2,000 people, full-time and part-time, across six campuses in Athlone, Limerick, Thurles, Clonmel, and Ennis. With a clear focus on meeting the evolving needs of society and industry through applied learning, TUS puts the individual needs of students front-and-centre, prioritising accessibility, and opportunity for all. By combining this student-first philosophy with next-generation thinking, TUS is the driving force for education, research, and commercial collaboration in Ireland’s Midlands and Midwest.  

Survey Dates

Survey Live: 28 February - 20 March 2023

Each participating institution selects a specific three-week period during February and March to open the survey for their students. This allows the national survey to take account of local events and other demands on students’ time in order to increase the benefit of the survey at local level – “national survey, local impact“.

Meet the Survey Team

Cora McCormack Headshot

Cora McCormack

Quality Officer

Cora McCormack is the Quality Officer for TUS (Midlands Campus) and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: Cora.McCormack@tus.ie

Gemma Hayes headshot

Gemma Hayes

Retention Officer

Gemma Hayes is the Retention Officer for TUS (Midwest Campus) and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: Gemma.Hayes@tus.ie

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Niall Naughton

SU President

Niall Naughton is the SU President for TUS and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: supres@ait.ie

Most impactful use of the survey data for TUS

TUS has consistently achieved very high participation rates in StudentSurvey.ie since its introduction in 2016. The TUS survey results show that 77.5 % of the students evaluated their Entire Educational Experience as either “Excellent” or “Good”.  It is also noteworthy that 82.8% of participants indicated that they would either “Definitely Yes” or “Probably Yes” attend TUS if they were “starting all over again”. 

The StudentSurvey.ie results are analysed annually in TUS and this provides invaluable data that supports service delivery enhancements across all faculties. Both quantitative and qualitative analysis are undertaken and tools such as the i-graduate In Touch Portal and Power Bi are utilised to obtain the maximum benefit from the survey. The results are presented by the Quality Office to the Faculties to provide evidence and support in enhancing facilities and the learning environment and in providing a range of supports for all students.  A report is compiled from the open-ended questions which identifies the main themes emanating from the student comments. The rich data are also distributed to the relevant stakeholders, and supports an understanding of the student viewpoints empowering the student voice.  These combined efforts aim to ensure that the student voice is heard in TUS and acted upon annually.

TUS continues to utilise the StudentSurvey.ie data to inform decision-making and quality enhancement initiative across the organisation. The StudentSurvey.ie data illustrate how TUS provides a welcoming, engaging and supportive environment and encourages interaction between students and staff alike. The StudentSurvey.ie results are analysed and circulated to all Heads of Department so the results can be utilised to further enhance student supports and the learning environment within each department.

TUS has also used the StudentSurvey.ie findings to support the 1st Year Student experience by introducing a Peer-to-Peer mentoring initiative. The initiative aims to help new first year students make that transition into higher education as smoothly and successfully as possible. New students meet with and learn from the experiences of more senior students. New students are then able to settle into campus life more quickly so that they can benefit from everything that TUS has to offer.

One of the most meaningful impacts from StudentSurvey.ie was the development of the Student Voice in library strategic and operational planning. TUS Library regularly reiterates that they want to hear and are open to all feedback. This messaging has resonated with students and with this is mind the Library established their own Library Student Ambassadors initiative which sees students meet with their peers to inform them about the library.  Areas highlighted by students for improvement in the open text questions included:

  1. Physical space for Study

“Provide a larger studying space in the library”.


  1. Opening hours, Self-Service & Access

“Have better hours for access to the library”


  1. Collections & Supports

“More books on specialised subjects (i.e. music) could be brought into the library."   

"A secondary information day on how and where students can use the library and open access”.

All three of the above were addressed and actions taken to improve the library services and facilities for all students. The library views their role as one that can help further amplify the Student Voice in the wider organisation as much as within library planning. They feel the StudentSurvey.ie is an important contributor to continual improvement, as well as a significant route to accessing feedback from the students.

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