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With strong links to business and industry, the University of Limerick (UL) excels at translational research which aims to accelerate the practical application of academic research to benefit society. UL pioneered the concept of Cooperative Education in Ireland, placing more than 2000 students in paid and semi-paid work placements annually across UL’s network of 1700+ employers spanning twenty five countries. – 30% of these being international placements.

University of Limerick is located on the west coast of Ireland along the picturesque River Shannon and enjoys an unspoiled natural environment blended with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. Limerick is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland – a business hub, with a relaxed lifestyle and almost 50% of the population under the age of 30, making UL a popular choice for national and international students. 

Survey Dates

Survey Live: 7 March - 27 March 2023

Each participating institution selects a specific three-week period during February and March to open the survey for their students. This allows the national survey to take account of local events and other demands on students’ time in order to increase the benefit of the survey at local level – “national survey, local impact“.

Meet the Survey Team

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Dr Patrick Ryan

Associate Vice President Student Engagement

Dr Patrick Ryan is the Associate Vice President Student Engagement for UL and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: patrick.ryan@ul.ie

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Maeve Rutledge

President, Student Life

Maeve Rutledge is the President, Student Life, for UL and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to the survey.

Contact Email: studentpresident@ul.ie

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Prof Ann MacPhail

Associate Vice President Doctoral College

Prof Ann MacPhail is the Associate Vice President Doctoral College for UL and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to PGR StudentSurvey.ie.

Contact Email: AVPDC@ul.ie

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Louis Pemble

President, Post-Graduate Students’ Union

Louis Pemble is the President, Post-Graduate Students’ Union, for UL and is available to answer any questions you may have in relation to PGR StudentSurvey.ie.

Contact Email: postgradpresident@ul.ie

Most impactful use of the survey data for UL

Learning and teaching insights

In 2019, UL StudentSurvey.ie data showed a welcome improvement in the receipt of summative feedback by students on taught programmes, and concurrently over 73% of UL students reported that they have applied their coursework to practical problems or new situations in the current academic year. At an individual learning level, over 90% of UL student review notes after lectures, and where peer learning occurs, UL students are more likely to work with their peers to prepare for exams than seek help from them to understand course material.

Changes in UL during this period related to learning and teaching included formalising feedback mechanisms through module outlines. There has also been a lot of work done to ensure that a critical mass of students are contributing to course and programme boards.

Insights on UL learning supports and institutional supports

Nearly 70% of UL students have an awareness of the learning supports in UL, and similarly, a high percentage of UL students feel that UL supports their overall wellbeing.

Information about learning supports and broader institutional supports have been profiled amongst UL students in an increased number of ways over the last number of years. Additional changes in UL during this period include the opening of a new Library space, with extended opening hours, which has significantly increased the number of individual study spaces and physical space for group work and peer learning.

Broader institutional supports are evident through the extensive campus-wide Wi-Fi project rolled out with great success in UL. Water fountains have been installed across the campus, initially in Student Life and the Library, saving the use of 90,000 plastic bottles in one semester.

There has been an increase in the number of counsellors available within the Student Counselling service.

Insights on students’ overall UL experience

The majority of UL students report that they had a positive educational experience in UL and on reflection, would choose UL again if they had their time over.

UL Personal Advisor Support System (PASS) event
UL Personal Advisor Support System (PASS) event
UL Personal Advisor Support System (PASS) event

UL Personal Advisor Support System (PASS)

In 2016, StudentSurvey.ie results at faculty level presented mixed levels of engagement between first year students and academic advisors. This insight, in addition to institutional markers, initiated additional activities within UL to improve this imbalance.

Over the last three years, faculties have arranged ‘Meet your Advisor’ social events at the beginning of the academic year to bring academic advisors and new students together. This involves an afternoon or evening event at which academic advisors are identifiable and their advisees can make their way to them. Some faculties provide refreshments at this event which creates a more social environment. The photographs on the right was taken at one such event.

To reinforce the importance of this staff-student interaction, one faculty offers a percentage allocation through a core module for advisor-advisee engagement.

To complement an improved awareness of the academic advisor support within UL, a range of supporting information has been developed and made available to academic advisors to assist in their meetings with new students. These resources are designed to aid new students in their transition into UL.

As of 2019/20, all academic advisors and advisees have a dedicated interactive and information space within the institutional VLE.


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