Here is where you will find high-level results for each participating institution.


High-level results for participating institutions

Development and implementation of is driven by the intention to inform, support and encourage quality enhancement. The national steering group regards the comprehensive nature of data gathered as a key strength. Equally important is, as analysis shows, and in common with similar engagement surveys internationally, much greater variation exists within institutions than between institutions. Interpretation of detailed results requires appreciation of the local context. This means that staff and students within individual institutions are best placed to own and to interrogate institution-level data. Accordingly, any queries about these data should be directed to the individual institution in question.

The table below provides links to the high level results from each of the participating institutions for in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Institution Name 2020 2019 2018 2017
Athlone Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_AIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_AIT ISSE 2018 AIT ISSE 2017 AIT
Dublin Business School StudentSurvey.ie_2020_DBS      
Dublin City University StudentSurvey.ie_2020_DCU StudentSurvey.ie_2019_DCU ISSE 2018 DCU ISSE 2017 DCU
Dundalk Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_DKIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_DkIT ISSE 2018 DkIT ISSE 2017 DkIT
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_GMIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_GMIT ISSE 2018 GMIT ISSE 2017 GMIT
Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire StudentSurvey.ie_2020_IADT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_IADT ISSE 2018 IADT ISSE 2017 IADT
Institute of Technology Carlow StudentSurvey.ie_2020_IT Carlow StudentSurvey.ie_2019_IT Carlow ISSE 2018 IT Carlow ISSE 2017 IT Carlow
Institute of Technology Sligo StudentSurvey.ie_2020_IT Sligo StudentSurvey.ie_2019_IT Sligo ISSE 2018 IT Sligo ISSE 2017 IT Sligo
Letterkenny Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_LYIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_LYIT ISSE 2018 LyIT ISSE 2017 LyIT
Limerick Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_LIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_LIT ISSE 2018 LIT ISSE 2017 LIT
Marino Institute of Education StudentSurvey.ie_2020_MIE StudentSurvey.ie_2019_MIE ISSE 2018 MIE ISSE 2017 MIE
Mary Immaculate College StudentSurvey.ie_2020_MIC StudentSurvey.ie_2019_MIC ISSE 2018 MIC ISSE 2017 MIC
Maynooth University StudentSurvey.ie_2020_MU StudentSurvey.ie_2019_MU ISSE 2018 MU ISSE 2017 MU
Munster Technological University - Cork Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2020_MTU Cork Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2019_CIT ISSE 2018 CIT ISSE 2017 CIT
Munster Technological University - Kerry Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2020_MTU Kerry Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2019_IT Tralee ISSE 2018 IT Tralee ISSE 2017 IT Tralee
National College of Art and Design StudentSurvey.ie_2020_NCAD StudentSurvey.ie_2019_NCAD ISSE 2018 NCAD ISSE 2017 NCAD
National College of Ireland StudentSurvey.ie_2020_NCI StudentSurvey.ie_2019_NCI ISSE 2018 NCI ISSE 2017 NCI
National University of Ireland Galway StudentSurvey.ie_2020_NUI Galway StudentSurvey.ie_2019_NUIG ISSE 2018 NUI Galway ISSE 2017 NUI Galway
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland StudentSurvey.ie_2020_RCSI StudentSurvey.ie_2019_RCSI ISSE 2018 RCSI ISSE 2017 RCSI
St Angela's College, Sligo StudentSurvey.ie_2020_St Angela's College StudentSurvey.ie_2019_St Angela's ISSE 2018 StAngelas ISSE 2017 StAngelas
Technological University Dublin Blanchardstown Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2020_TU Dublin StudentSurvey.ie_2019_TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus ISSE 2018 TU Dublin Blanchardstown ISSE 2017 IT Blanchardstown
Technological University Dublin City Campuses StudentSurvey.ie_2020_TU Dublin StudentSurvey.ie_2019_TU Dublin City Campuses ISSE 2018 TU Dublin City Campuses ISSE 2017 DIT
Technological University Dublin Tallaght Campus StudentSurvey.ie_2020_TU Dublin StudentSurvey.ie_2019_TU Dublin Tallaght Campus ISSE 2018 TU Dublin Tallaght ISSE 2017 IT Tallaght
Trinity College Dublin StudentSurvey.ie_2020_Trinity StudentSurvey.ie_2019_TCD ISSE 2018 TCD ISSE 2017 TCD
University College Cork StudentSurvey.ie_2020_UCC StudentSurvey.ie_2019_UCC ISSE 2018 UCC ISSE 2017 UCC
University College Dublin StudentSurvey.ie_2020_UCD StudentSurvey.ie_2019_UCD ISSE 2018 UCD ISSE 2017 UCD
University of Limerick StudentSurvey.ie_2020_UL StudentSurvey.ie_2019_UL ISSE 2018 UL ISSE 2017 UL
Waterford Institute of Technology StudentSurvey.ie_2020_WIT StudentSurvey.ie_2019_WIT ISSE 2018 WIT ISSE 2017 WIT