The first ever #StudentSurveyIE Social Media Takeover took place on Wednesday 16 June 2021 on Twitter and Instagram. We had great engagement on Twitter in particular, with positive and inquisitive responses from staff and faculty in participating institutions, as well as key stakeholder organisations such as the Technological Higher Education Association, Irish Research Council and Quality and Qualifications Ireland. 

Thanks to the research team who took over the #StudentSurveyIE social media for the day, and to all of you who participated in the discussion. 

Download Report 2 in our series of 5 research projects to analyse the and PGR qualitative data, written by Dr Darragh McCashin and Miss Christine Boyd, HERE

We were first introduced to the research team as a new day dawned, and the followers of the #StudentSurveyIE accounts immediately started to engage... 

See what they had to say on Twitter HERE or see a selection of images in the Gallery below....

DCU takeover

The authors then shared their Research Objectives:

  • What factors underpin student engagement in teaching and learning in Irish HEIs?
  • What do students tell us in response to:
  1. What does your HEI do best to engage students in learning?
  2. What could your HEI do to improve students' engagement in learning?
DCU Research Objectives
DCU Research Methods

Later in the morning we heard about what Research Methods the researchers used to analyse the qualitative data...

  • We used a qualitative thematic analysis on a representative sample of nearly 9,000 student responses
  • We manually coded every qualitative open-ended student response, and grouped them into overarching themes that seek to represent the overall student experience

By lunchtime the Social Media Takeover had moved on to Results:

Our first key finding highlighted how students valued their education as an interactive process.

This was seen in subthemes relating to dynamic assessment & feedback types (e.g. continuous assessments); varied learning formats (e.g. more group work); and effective communication.

Results image 1
Results image 2

Our second key finding showed that students appreciated the broader sense of support across the HE system.

This was seen in subthemes relating to activities that can promote support & personal development (e.g. societies); and practical services on campus (e.g. support services).

One last message from Darragh and Christine before they finished the first ever #StudentSurveyIE Social Media Takeover....

Many thanks for all the engagement today :-)

Lots of support, interesting questions, and ideas for future research.

We welcome all feedback and look forward to learning from the other projects.

*Reminder - download the report [link at top of page]

Darragh & Christine
Darragh McCashin headshot

Dr. Darragh McCashin

Assistant Professor

School of Psychology, Dublin City University

Christine Boyd headshot

Christine Boyd

Research Assistant

School of Psychology, Dublin City University

Next up is Dr Seán Lacey from Munster Technological University on Wednesday 23 June. His report will be uploaded to this site next Tuesday afternoon so watch out!


And you can download the first of the five reports in our qualitative data analysis series HERE. This report, as well as the analysis contained within, was written by Insight Statistical Consulting. Read more about this project HERE

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