The rebranding of the Irish Survey of Student Engagement and the Irish Survey of Student Engagement for Postgraduate Research Students to and PGR (respectively) was completed and launch in October 2019.

The outcomes of this rebranding are:

The surveys will be known as and PGR ( collectively) from 24 October onwards. The name ISSE will no longer be used in any context. I would be extremely grateful if you could be mindful of this in future and encourage colleagues to do the same. This is a very important part of building a more cohesive identity for the surveys.

All branding materials have been updated, including online and social media materials and physical promotional materials. Please see attached Brand Style Guide for information on the use of the new branding.

A total overhaul of the website was included in the rebrand. The main new feature you will see here is that every participating institution now has an individual page, and I can add content to this on a regular basis. We also now have a Blog, which I hope to use to shine a spotlight on work being done in individual institutions as well as discuss national matters. Please keep me in the loop on matters relating to the survey and the results in your institution as I will be able to share these on social media and on the Blog. 

new brand

The primary goals of the rebranding were:

  • To create a more cohesive identify for;
  • To modernise and future-proof as much as possible the look and feel of the brand;
  • To apply the brand across all social, online, and physical promotional materials and communications;
  • To update the appearance and functionality of the website; and
  • To ensure that all of the materials associated with are accessible, suitable for the diverse range of audiences and stakeholders, and fit for purpose.

Online and social media materials have been created for use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as in web banners, on your VLE and in email signatures. Some are editable and some are ready to use immediately. The brand components are also available to you, including the colours, font, emojis, and logos, and you may use them with your own materials in accordance with the Brand Style Guide. They will be available from the website directly and will no longer require accessing them through Dropbox. You can simply download the folder of materials here.

The Project Manager is hugely grateful to the Communications Group who led this rebrand. They are:

Michelle Byrne, USI
John Caulfield, NUI Galway
Róisín O’Connell, THEA
Rachel O’Connor, TU Dublin
Lia O’Sullivan, IUA
Nora Trench Bowles, IUA
Susan Walsh, IT Carlow
Kate Wood, IUA 
Deirdre Kearney, UCC (our most recent addition to the group)

We also wish to acknowledge the student representatives who contributed their time, energy and expertise to this process, in particular, Callaghan Commons (DCU), Victor O'Loughlin (GMIT), and Lee Bennett (TU Dublin Tallaght), and Aoife Duff and Kevin McStravock of USI.

The re-brand was carried out in partnership with Piquant - Design, Marketing and Web Development.