GMIT has put considerable effort into promoting across the Institute response rate has almost doubled over the past five years, from 22.1% in 2015 to 42% in 2019. Promotion of the survey is a joint collaboration between the Institute and the Students’ Union and our approach includes:

  • The survey is launched each year in the city centre in a joint campaign with our neighbours NUIG. A friendly rivalry has been fostered among students in both institutions as to which will achieve the highest response rate.
  • A timetable for class visits is devised and both staff members and SU/ Class representatives visit classes over the three-week period to encourage participation.
  • A stand operates (in a location where there is a lot of footfall) for selected hours each day where students are encouraged to complete the survey.
  • Prizes are advertised and weekly winners are photographed for further publicity on campus.
  • Posters are displayed on-campus advertising the survey.
  • Local radio interview is organised with representative of the Students’ Union to promote the survey.
  • videos displayed on TV screens on-campus.
  • Publicity photos taken with NUIG team.
  • Survey launch takes place at lunchtime in canteen.
  • Flyer drops around campus.
  • Part-time students – class visits (Evening time) / Email also used to contact cohorts not on campus.

Videos for promoting the survey in GMIT and NUI Galway in GMIT and NUI Galway

Presentations delivered at Practitioners Forum 2019