A lot of people put a lot of work into making StudentSurvey.ie happen! This collection of resources is meant as a help to the staff and student representatives in all of the participating higher education institutions, as well as organisations like the HEA, IUA, THEA, USI, QQI, NStEP and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, who all contribute to this national AND local effort. 

Each of the following sections link to pages on this website that contain resources, ideas, information and supports. Happy reading!

National social media campaign

StudentSurvey.ie in TU Dublin

The StudentSurvey.ie Communications Group and the StudentSurvey.ie Project Manager encourage participation using popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Students can get information about things like the prizes they can win for taking the survey and when the survey is live in their higher education institution.

A short video to explain StudentSurvey.ie

What is StudentSurvey.ie video
What is StudentSurvey.ie?

Online and social media promotional materials

Staff and Student Union representatives can download the promotional materials HERE. These resources are available to help in promoting the surveys and save you time in producing your own materials. Some of them are editable and some are ready to download and use on your institution’s social media platforms immediately. Make sure to read the StudentSurvey.ie Brand Style Guide before using any of the materials. Click HERE to download.

IT Carlow SU and WITSU with the National Report 2021

Good ideas from participating institutions

IT Carlow StudentSurvey.ie promotion stand

There is so much good work being done in all participating institutions to promote StudentSurvey.ie and PGR StudentSurvey.ie and to encourage students to participate. Have a browse HERE and get some inspiration.

Survey dates across the country

Did you know that all participating institutions choose the three week window within February and March that best suits their students for running the surveys? Click HERE to find out when the survey is running in your institution and where else it is running at the same time. Maybe you could team up with another institution and promote the survey together?

Undergraduate students with StudentSurvey.ie logo

Survey questions

IT Carlow sound wall

It's good to familiarise yourself with the questions your students will be asked as part of StudentSurvey.ie, especially as 2022 will be the first year of the revised survey and the addition of some new optional questions. The survey questions for StudentSurvey.ie 2022 are available HERE

Need help?

If you need any help or support in promoting the survey or during fieldwork, contact the StudentSurvey.ie Project Manager, Dr Siobhán Nic Fhlannchadha, at siobhan@studentsurvey.ie or any of the ways listed HERE. Alternatively, if you have a technical question about the delivery of the survey, contact the Account Manager for your institution in the survey company i-graduate.

Image of student taking the survey