A total of 40,558 students responded to the 2019 StudentSurvey.ie, which represents a national response rate of 29.3%. This surpassed the response rate of 28% in 2018, and is the highest response rate to StudentSurvey.ie to date. The respondents consist of 19,557 first year undergraduate students, 13,951 final year undergraduate students and 7,050 taught postgraduate students. The profile of the 2019 StudentSurvey.ie respondents closely matches the national student population profile, as it has done in previous years.

The survey was pretty interesting and made me reflect on my own academic year and my performance during classes. Overall it’s a very good survey.
Student view during pilot survey
Student cycling through campus
Irish Survey of Student Engagement promotional video

First year post-pilot study of PGR StudentSurvey.ie

A total of 2,720 postgraduate research students responded to the 2019 PGR StudentSurvey.ie. This represents a national response rate of 29.9%. This is regarded as a very positive response to the first full implementation of the survey, especially given that a considerable proportion of the PGR student population invited to take the 2019 survey had also been invited to respond to the pilot in 2018.


Examination of response rates for groups of the PGR survey respondents indicates that the demographic profile of respondents closely matches the profile of the national PGR student population. This is particularly the case in relation to programme characteristics, such as field of study and research degree programme type.