The second in our series of #StudentSurveyIE Social Media Takeovers took place on Wednesday 23 June 2021 on Twitter and Instagram. There was a high level of engagement, with interested parties asking wide-ranging questions, which Seán answered in detailed and considered ways. 

Thanks to Dr Seán Lacey who took over the #StudentSurveyIE social media for the day, and to all of you who participated in the discussion. 

Download Report 3 in our series of 5 research projects to analyse the and PGR qualitative data, written by Dr Seán Lacey of Munster Technological University, HERE

The clock struck 10am and we were away! We were first introduced to the author of the report, Dr. Seán Lacey, and the followers of #StudentSurveyIE welcomed him warmly... 

See what they had to say on Twitter HERE or HERE, or see a selection of images in the Gallery below....

MTU Takeover

The author then shared his Research Objectives:

  1. Qualitative analysis on the 11 open-ended questions from 2018 and 2019 data;
  2. Introduce a roadmap to promote the accessibility of the analysis of the unstructured qualitative data emerging from PGR #StudentSurveyIE.
Research Objectives
Research Objectives

Dr Seán Lacey told us about the Research Methods he used to analyse the qualitative data later on in the day.

#REVEAL-PGR involves six steps for qualitative data analysis (using #NVivo and replicating in #RStudio) on PGR #StudentSurveyIE. 

  1. Data cleaning;
  2. Data import;
  3. Word frequency analysis;
  4. Text coding and Reference extracting;
  5. Matrix coding;
  6. Statistical inference. 

By lunchtime the Social Media Takeover had moved on to Results:

#REVEAL-PGR found that in relation to the open ended question on “Aspects / elements of research degree programme that are most valuable” in PGR #StudentSurveyIE – Supervisors are the most prevalent valuable aspect.

Results image 1
Results image 2

#REVEAL-PGR shows that the most frequently occurring words in response to each of the 11 open-ended questions in PGR #StudentSurveyIE, were consistent and with little change from 2018 to 2019.  It will be interesting to see if this stays the same in data collection 2021. 

Seán had one more thing to say before logging off from his #StudentSurveyIE Social Media Takeover....

That’s a wrap on the #StudentSurveyIE Social Media Takeover. Thank you everyone for the super engagement. I have really enjoyed the Q&A on #REVEAL-PGR. Thanks also to @SiobhanNicF & #StudentSurveyIE for facilitating the day. Back to @seanwithafada and @CITmaths @MTU_ie tomorrow!
Seán Lacey headshot

Dr. Seán Lacey

Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Department of Mathematics, Munster Technological University

Next up are Dr Michelle Share from Trinity College Dublin and Dr Rory McDaid from Marino Institute of Education on Wednesday 30 June. Their report will be uploaded here next Tuesday so keep an eye out!

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