Since its inception in 2013, has become an integral part of higher education in Ireland contributing significant insights to enhance student experiences. Institutions have actively promoted participation, analysed data, and implemented improvements based on survey outcomes.

In 2022, the Steering Group embarked on a strategic reflection acknowledging the evolving landscape of higher education. Two external consultancy reports, Mi: Lab and Crowe, were commissioned to engaged with a wide range of stakeholders. Mi: Lab focused on operational challenges, while Crowe engaged senior management, highlighting the survey's value but also identifying governance and strategic concerns.

Informed by these reports and stakeholder feedback, the Steering Group decided to pause the surveys annual fieldwork in 2024 to conduct a comprehensive survey review. This review aims to re-emphasise the student voice in shaping higher education experiences.

The Working Group, comprising diverse expertise and including three USI representatives, is revisiting survey questions overseen by the Steering Group. Emphasis is on streamlining questions, enhancing language accessibility, and transitioning from the current indicator scoring to a simpler method.

The redesigned survey's initial draft is in progress, integrating the review of the current questions and exploring new topics not previously covered.  This foundational version will undergo continuous refinement and development as we work towards a final draft.

Stay tune for the relaunch of the revamped! Review Update