This page provides resources for data analysis such as:

  • Tools to support analysis
  • Good practice in the participating institutions
  • Information about data analysis workshops
  • Useful websites and other tools to support analysis
  • Instructional videos

The Analysis and Impact Group is developing more resources to support institutions in analysing the results of and PGR As they are completed, resources will be added to this page, so check back regularly for more.

Photograph of Janice Lau delivering a session at the Practitioners Forum 2022
  • The Trends Over Time Research 2016-2021 (more here)
  • The five reports on the analysis of qualitative data generated by the free text response questions in and PGR (more here and find all 5 reports further down this page)
  • Led sessions at the Practitioners Forum 2020 (more here) and Practitioners Forum 2022 (more here)
  • The Workshops on Impact (contact the Project Manager at to arrange one)
  • A new landing page for the In Touch data visualization dashboard (these are internal dashboards for each higher education institution and are not available publicly)
  • Multiple other enhancements to the existing In Touch data visualization dashboard
  • The Report Templates and Guide (find in the next section)
  • The Discussion Paper on Evidencing Value through Impact (find in the next section)
  • The Good Practice for ACUnits guide (find in the next section)
  • User Guide - The In Touch Dashboard (find in the next section)

Photograph of a data analysis workshop at the Practitioners Forum 2022

At present we are working on:

  • The Report Automation Tool and Guide
  • Next steps for the qualitative data analysis
  • A redesign of the In Touch data visualization dashboard
  • Engaging Heads of School and Programme Directors in workshops and other development opportunities
  • Developing supports for the analysis of PGR data

If you know of any existing resources which you believe would be helpful for staff and Students Unions in analysing the data, or have identified a gap in your capacity to do the analysis which you believe the Project Manager function could fill, please contact

Photograph of student representatives discussing analysis and impact at data analysis at the Practitioners Forum 2022

Tools to support analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis

The Steering Group funded five research bursaries in October 2020 to analyse the qualitative data generated by and PGR The aim of the bursary awards was to promote greater ownership and encourage wider use of the and PGR data. Proposals for the analysis of the qualitative data were invited from members of the research community within the participating institutions, as well as commercial data analysis companies. The projects were completed in May 2021.

Each project is an independent project undertaken by qualified and experienced researchers on behalf of Each project took a unique approach. The commonalities between all five projects are that they all utilised well-grounded methodologies, offer mechanisms for replication of the analysis in future years, and are innovative and authentic.

Good practice in the participating institutions Practitioners Forum 2020 Webinar 2 - Data analysis for impact

Data analysis for impact


Screenshots of Practitioners Forum 2020 Webinar 2 panelists
Question mark icon

What is impact?

Sue Hackett (QQI) & Kevin McStravock (USI)


Data visualisation and Excel for maximising results reporting

Blaž Podobnik (MIC)


Mary Immaculate College campus
Letterkenny Institute of Technology campus

Reporting templates

Lydia Devenney (LyIT)


UCC Case study - getting started to closing the feedback loop

David O'Sullivan (UCC)


University College Cork campus
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Your results files and In Touch Dashboard

Siobhán Nic Fhlanndhacha ( Project Manager)


Data analysis workshops

A series of data analysis and implementation workshops are held in regional venues each year. Additional workshops, discussions and further guidance are provided on request.

All in-person Data Analysis Workshops are on hold due to COVID-19 related restrictions but virtual Data Analysis Workshops are available upon request.

Further analysis

There are many more possibilities for further analysis of the data than can be carried out by participating institutions and/ or the central function. Third party researchers/ organisations and other interested parties are encouraged to contact the Project Manager at to discuss these possibilities or to propose ideas for future research.

Additionally, both of the datasets are archived with the Irish Social Sciences Data Archive annually and may be accessed by request.

Useful websites

National Survey of Student Engagement (Indiana University, USA)

Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (Australian Council for Educational Research)

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (Advance HE, UK)

Useful software and tools

Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list of useful software and tools know to the team. This list does not constitute an endorsement of any of these products, nor does it suggest that the Project Management function will purchase the license to use these tools on behalf of the project or any participating institution. 

Over 500 examples of how NSSE data have been used by institutions available here.

SPSS to analyse the data. 

Tableau to create visualisations of the data. 

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Overview of the Report File