Report 3 - Munster Technological University

REVEAL – PGR Roadmap to QualitativE Data AnaLysis – PostGRaduate

Report 3 in our series of 5 research projects to analyse the and PGR qualitative data is written by Dr Seán Lacey.

We invite you to read the report on the analysis of the PGR data, and then engage with the author as Dr Lacey takes over the social media to explain his approach, talk about his findings, and engage with interested people like you!

Download their report HERE.

Seán Lacey headshot

Dr. Seán Lacey

Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Department of Mathematics, Munster Technological University

Social media takeover!

Dr Seán Lacey will be taking over the Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday 23 June. We hope you will engage with this researcher, ask lots of questions and share your thoughts with Dr Lacey, the followers of the Twitter and Instagram and your own followers. 

Download the report and give it a read. On Wednesday 23 June from 10am to 3pm, you have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to the researcher who did the analysis and wrote the report. Twitter Instagram

Image for prizes

PLUS! There is a spot prize of a €20 Me2You card or a €20 Gifty card during every takeover up for grabs for students who engage with the report writers!

The research series so far

The Steering Group is pleased to publish the results of five research projects analysing the qualitative data generated by the free-text response questions in and PGR 

These results are the first of their kind for and PGR and we hope they are the first of many research projects involving the qualitative results of these surveys.


Download and read Project 1, authored by Insight Statistical Consulting, HERE

Download and read Project 2, authored by Dr Darragh McCashin and Christine Boyd of DCU School of Psychology, HERE.

You can also read all about the first social media takeover, by Dr Darragh McCashin and Christine Boyd, HERE